Mikura International is dedicated to providing reliable and quality WABCO locomotive parts for export. We source our parts and conduct thorough quality checks to ensure our customers receive the best possible product. We supply a wide range of WABCO parts to meet the needs of any customer, from 6CD4UC Compressor-Expressor and push rods to plug inlets and exhausts, from heads and ball ends to valve rings and mating rings.

Our knowledgeable team can provide technical advice and support to ensure customers get the right part for their locomotive. We offer competitive prices and fast shipping times, making us the ideal choice for any customer looking to purchase WABCO locomotive parts.

At Mikura International, customer satisfaction is always our priority. We are committed to providing a friendly, professional service and ensuring that the customer receives the part they need in a timely manner. Our knowledgeable team can answer any questions or provide advice to ensure that customers make the best decision for their locomotive. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality parts at competitive prices and offering fast shipping times to ensure our customers get the best experience possible.

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